Maxim Bakery

17 Sep

Welcome to Maxim Bakery & Pastry located on 285 Alexander ave in Winnipeg!

We specializes in Chinese Baked Goods since 1984.  We do not use any preservatives or additives in our baking.  Everything are scratch baked which is why it taste so good and natural!

Here are some of our specialty:  Egg Custard Tart aka (Egg Tart, Dan Tat)

Yummy Egg Custard with a flaky pastry crust.  We make our own crust and not the kind that you buy at the store.  You can enjoy this either chilled or warm it up for a fill seconds and then you’ll fall in love mmmMMMmmm!

This is our Melon Cake aka (Wife’s Cake, Sweet Heart Cake, lou po beng)

This is a traditional Chinese Pastry with a flaky and thin skin made with Winter Melon Filling.


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