About US

Maxim Bakery is owned by The Tsang family and operated since 1984.  We are currently located in Chinatown on 285 Alexander ave. 

We were once located on Ellice ave for many years before we’ve made the move to China Town.

The owner Hing ChuenTsang and his wife, works everyday along with one of their son Ho Leung, who has an interest in baking and successfully learned all of the recipes to help operate this growing business.  

When asked if Ho Leung will be taking over the family business, his reply was:

“Owning a bakery is alot of work, you work early mornings and you are still working in the evening preparing for the next day.  You really never stop.  My dad puts in alot more hours than I do and once my dad decides to retire,  I will move on to something else.”

Mr. Tsang has been operating this bakery for more than 25 years.  In September 2011, Mr. Tsang celebrated his 60th birthday hosting a social with his friends and family and even long time customers have attended this social.  It will be unlikely for Mr. Tsang to operate this business for another 25 years.

So come visit Maxim Bakery as often as you can while it is still available!


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