Buns 麵包

Here are all the Non Meat Products that we make:

Starting From Most Popular items:

  1. Coconut Bun aka Cocktail Buns 雞尾包 (is a Hong Kong Style product)
  2. Pineapple Bun (plain) 菠蘿包
  3. pineapple Bun filled with custard 菠蘿奶黃包 (This is the one served at Dim Sum)
  4. Pineapple Bun filled with red bean paste 菠蘿豆沙包
  5. Coconut Roll 椰絲捲
  6. Icing Bun 奶油包
  7. Custard Bun 奶黃包
  8. Fresh Taro Bun 芋頭包
  9. Fresh Fruit & Custard Bun 水果奶黃包
  10. Raisin Twist 丹麥條
  11. Chinese Fried Donut 油條
  12. Red Bean Bun 红豆

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