How to order/Cake Sizes 蛋糕的大小

How to order your cake?

  • Determine the size of cake
  • Choose your flavour
  • Call us in advance to order, we request min 48 hours
  • Tel: 774-8452 downtown
  • Tel: 888-9328 Pembina

Cakes are ordered by pounds, most cake starts from 2 Lbs and up to 10 Lbs.  

Here are some examples of the cake sizes by the inch. 

The smallest size of 1 Lb cake (6 inches wide) is offered for the following flavours only:

  1. Vanilla Fruit Cake
  2. Fresh Mango Cake

All other flavours can be ordered starting from 2 lbs and up

















The following guide is just an estimate of how many servings each pound could feed. 

It really depends how big or small you slice your cake, it’s solely up do you.

1 lb cake = Party of 2

2 lb cake = 4-10 servings

3 lb cake = 8-15 servings

4 lb cake = 15-20 servings

5 lb cake = 20-25 servings

6 lb cake = 25-30 servings

7 lb cake = 30-35 servings

8 lb cake = 35-40 servings

9lb cake = 40-45 servings

10lb cake = 45-50 servings


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