Pastries 糕点

From the most popular:

  1. Custard Tart 蛋撻
  2. Big Sponge Cake 大紙杯蛋糕
  3. Icing Cone 忌廉筒
  4. Coconut Tart  椰撻
  5. Winter Melon Pastry aka Wife’s Cake 老婆餅
  6. Napoleon Cake 拿破崙蛋糕
  7. Red Bean Paste Pastry 豆沙餅
  8. Lotus Bean with Duck Egg 蓮蓉蛋黃
  9. Green Bean with Duck Egg 豆蓉蛋黃
  10. Preserved Duck Egg with Green Bean 皮旦西禾 (Seasonal)
  11. Butterfly Puff 蝴蝶酥
  12. Cinnamon Twist
  13. Walnut Cookie 合桃酥.
  14. Taro Root Pastry 芋蓉酥
  15. Peanut Snowball 花生糯米糍
  16. Red Bean Snowball 豆沙糯米糍
  17. Box of Butter Cookies
  18. Banana Bread
  19. Coconut Loaf


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