Wedding Cake 结婚蛋糕

Affordable Wedding Cake that looks good and taste great!  

Wedding Cake is one the main focus for your Reception, it’s also one of the main dessert that all your guests are looking forward to having after you’ve cut your cake. So why not choose the one that everyone will remember and keep asking where it was made from?

Please call us ahead to book an appointment to consult with one of our baker for your wedding cake.

Drop ins are welcome however, weekends are one of our busiest time.

We want to make sure we can go over your every details for your big day.  So please call us ahead and schedule an appointment.

Before coming in, here are some ideas to go over:

  • How many tiers do I want for my wedding cake?
  • Am I feeding all my guests with my wedding cake?
  • What is my budget for my wedding cake?
  • What is my color theme for my wedding cake?
  • Do I have any pictures to show the baker of the style I would like for my wedding cake?
  • Will I use fresh flowers to decorate my wedding cake?


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